Wedding Vows

Seeds/Faust Wedding Vows June 16th, 2017

"Being raised a Daddy’s Girl allowed me to believe in great men, to love wholeheartedly and to value the importance of a good, old-fashioned ballgame! Being with you has proven that you are a great man; by your gentility, your dependability, and not only your ability for loving the real me, but allowing me to see – and love – the real you. As I stand before you this day, I promise to never take you for granted; to thank you for always making me feel safe, for your constant encouragement, for always believing in me and for being my anchor through all life’s squalls. I promise to stand beside you in good times and bad; to laugh with you when life is silly and to contemplate it when it’s not, to defend you and care for you as you do for me, in illness and wellness, no matter what life throws our way. I promise to always be the person you admire, the woman you desire, the friend you trust and the wife you deserve. I first showed you the ocean, and you then showed me the world. I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you the world of love you’ve shown me.”

Wedding Ceremonies


If I may impart a few words unto you: This day is going to be a blur of excitement,

indescribable feelings, and perhaps full of some of the most unforgettable moments you will ever create with your family and friends, and definitely each other. However, it will seem like just that – a blur. Photographs will help memorialize this occasion, but nothing will ever quite compare to what you feel, as you look at each other right now. Allow time to stand still, so your hearts can capture this memory and replay it again and again in your future. Forever.  John Lennon once said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together, is reality.” Your reality starts today. With these words spoken as a pronouncement of your union, you are now Husband and Wife. Robert you may kiss your Bride. Everyone, allow me to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lisa Faust.”       


“There are things we say; “I am sorry for your loss,” “Please accept my sympathy,” “Death is a part of life...” Each uttered with the reverence and sentiment intended to console the bereft, but also, to unknowingly alleviate the guilt of grief within ourselves because we do not know exactly what to say. We do not know how to help heal that heart which is hurt.

"It matters not how long you’ve known each other, what relation you are, or whether your love was unspoken or proudly professed. Loss doesn’t care. Love, does. No one can fully understand the inevitable feeling of emptiness caused by such a loss. Your love, however, knows your truths and your thoughts. It allows memories to live forever. It is not immediate, but it is ceaseless. It knows how to bind the broken, fill voids and, in time, help manage feelings of loss. Your love will take you places beyond your loss. You only have to let it.”


“Apparently, when people learn that you’ve been diagnosed with an illness such as breast cancer and seek treatment, you’re perceived as a martyr of sorts. That’s when words like “fight,” “battle,” “war,” first entered my cancer lexicon. They were universally used to describe anyone who had cancer. It was no longer a disease you suffered from, it was a battle you were fighting. Fighting makes you brave. Bravery says you are strong. Strong suggests you are equipped for a battle. A battle implies something that you are unmistakably up against. It even implies there’s a chance of hope. I’m not sure when this first started – Heaven knows it was long before my time – but I assume that’s why these words are used: to instill hope whereas there normally wouldn’t be. I never felt like I was in a fight. I’ve never felt like I’ve particularly lost or won a battle. I’ve been in the clear and I’ve had to face the chance of my own mortality.”

Greeting Card Poetry

My Most Memorable Moment

If I was asked to pick a moment

My Most Memorable one

It’d be one of the hardest decisions

What with having myriad to choose from

If I had to find a favorite

One recorded piece of time

I shan’t have to go too far to look

Only to the reaches of the crevices of my mind

For there harbors the best memories

That make my life replete

One doesn’t exist without you in it

Thusly making me whole and complete

There are countless forms and still frames

From which I get to choose

In The Book of Love, safely hidden away

Never to release or to lose

Millions of pictures to play

Like a romantic movie on a loop

Each one made to enrich my heart

Designed to fit just like a suit

There’re all priceless: these stories,

Tales and dreams come true

Now my answer is clear: My Most Memorable Moment

Is each moment I spend with you

Love Letters


There are rainbows and stars

Sunrises and sunsets

Freshly mowed fields and dew covered paths

And countless other things that make us happy, fill our hearts with a contentment that makes us want to burst

You, you are my thing. You always will be.



“It was that time just before the sun wakes up

When the sky is cloaked in a blackish blue hue; that deep, dark nameless color synonymous with star-drenched universes

And anyone whose eyes were still tightly shut,

Had pictures playing on reels in their heads

Believing in a different world,

Living in an alternate reality;

Convinced that nothing else existed

Because nothing else did

That's when it happened for me, I think

That's what my recollection is

Every sense was stimulated

- Senses I wasn't even aware of -

Sprung to life

It was you

You were there, you were real

And you awakened every part of my being

Like a spell had been cast

There we were, surrounded by nothingness

No one, no walls, no boundaries

For they all melted away at the sight of each other

Fantasy turned into Fascination

Fascination, to Intrigue

Intrigue grew into Curiosity

And that Curiosity bore Attraction

An Attraction that soon became Desire –”

Ghost Writing

[Excerpt from The Far East; used with permission]

“The events that occurred thereafter are, like much else, a blur. I returned to Miro Yang, together with everyone who learned of my ‘experience’. Despite the darkness that was nightfall, they insisted that I replay the day’s events. This time, however, was nothing like the first.

“The second I entered Miro Yang’s waters, I lost my footing and was pulled to the river’s floor. For some time, I shouted for help, but heard nothing but muffled voices in return. A number of thoughts and pictures flooded my brain as feelings of sheer panic and fear overtook me; as Miro Yang claimed me completely. This time, my darkness was eternal…

“Miro Yang probably never wanted my story told…

“I remember not much else of that fateful day, but, my spirit speaks truly, freely and without contempt. For someday, I believe the voice of my spirit, will give someone the hope that Miro Yang once gave me.”


An Addison Wedding, with a Touch of Grace

“To walk into The Addison, is not as trite as being transported in time per se, but to glimpse into its history; to become an ingredient in its ongoing rich legacy. The majestic edifice is home to several spaces for a variety of events; each with its own story, each with its own flair. We decided on one of the smaller ballrooms for our celebration – The Solano. Cost and convenience notwithstanding, it suited our needs perfectly. Also, knowing that it was named after Mizner’s own childhood home, romanticized it... making it not just historical, but heavenly.

Just within sight of The Solano, The Courtyard would serve as a picturesque backdrop to our nuptials. Adorned with beautiful loggias, impressively styled breezeways and an imperial, Spanish-style fountain, it was a feast for the eyes… and the soul; and thanks to the two hundred year old beautifully imposing Banyan trees that canopied The Courtyard, it was a living masterpiece.”


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